Exhibiting Artwork guidelines for Bhaile Craft Bakery


  • Bhaile does not charge a commission for any sales of work. We are a very busy bakery; so, we won’t be handling the
    money for any sales. If a customer wishes to purchase your artwork, they will be given your telephone number and the arrangements for sales can be made between yourselves.

  • Please, note that pictures are to remain on the walls until the end of the exhibit. (This is to minimize disruption to the business and to ensure the walls are full of color.)

  • In very special circumstances, if a customer is on holiday or has traveled far, Bhaile, with your permission, shall take a cash payment and give the customer the picture away with them. This will be an occasional exception to the rule at the discretion of Bhaile. If this does happen, we may contact you to provide another piece of art for replacing the one that’s sold.

  • If you have any questions about exhibiting your work at Bhaile, we encourage you to email us at admin@bhaile.co.uk
    where we will try to answer your inquiry as soon as possible. Whilst we understand that artists may wish to ‘chat’
    about the process of exhibiting at Bhaile; this can cause some frustrations for customers waiting in line for
    their sticky buns or daily bread.

  • You’ll be given a date and time-slot to drop off your art at the bakery. This allocated time will be specially chosen when the bakery is closing for business and an extra member of staff has been booked to assist with the hanging of the pictures. We can not receive pictures out-with this time slot. The taking down of pictures and collection from one artist and the dropping off and hanging-up of the next artist’s work, all happens within this allocated time. It is a method that works, so adhering to the time allocated is essential to the smooth running of the exhibits.

  • Please accept our apologies if this seems bossy or very strict – but we wish to be able to support our local artists by displaying new work each month and continue to offer the 0% Commission for any sales; nonetheless, we also want to avoid disruption to our business at the same time. We thank you for your consideration and patience with our ‘rules.’

  • Each month there has been a good number of sales made and many customers have remarked on the talent and creativity shown within each exhibit, so we do encourage you to email us with a sample of your work.


For each piece of art please complete the following information and bring along with you.




Telephone number:


Title of work:


A brief description of the picture:


Medium used:



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