Join us in showing appreciation to frontline workers who play a crucial role in the current fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. They are all working incredibly long hours in order to keep all of us safe!


With your, our customer, help, we would like to launch a new initiative that will allow us to offer Free Bread to our local NHS staff. 

We are asking you to spend a £1 and we will match that, plus more, with our time, ingredients and craft, to provide as however many loaves you purchase weekly to Ayr Hospital and other NHS & Frontline services departments (like the police & fire brigade) in the local area.


Each £1 you spend represents a Bhaile loaf (yeasted loaf up to £3 Value, £3 = 1 LG Sourdough) 

Every Saturday morning we will publish the weekly numbers & baked bread pictures on our Facebook page and will distribute your donations to our local Frontline Heroes.


Be as generous as you can be, stay home and stay safe!


Team Bhaile

Bread for Heroes

Bread for Heroes
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